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Nearly everything I've made in chronological order, quality not assured

3D Graphics in Vanilla JS thumbnail

3D Graphics in Vanilla JS

In my early college projects I developed a particular style of 3d, I'll explain how I came to use it, how it works, and shows some of the most interesting examples.

Aug 18, 2021

JS Game Engine Demo thumbnail

JS Game Engine Demo

One of my larger projects featuring, a custom 3d graphic system, clean keyboard input tracking, handling of a game state, and simple AIs.

Jan 30, 2020

Gravity Simulation thumbnail

Gravity Simulation

A simulation of a large number of dots behaving as point masses in a vacuum.

Feb, 2019

3D Dot Tag thumbnail

3D Dot Tag

Simple example of 3d where some dots are playing a game of tag

Sep, 2018

First Attempt at 3D thumbnail

First Attempt at 3D

This is the very first 3d thing I ever built.

Sep, 2018